Health & Well-Being

When was the last time you made one small change to your lifestyle to improve your health and wellbeing?

Is your Health & Wellbeing important to you?

Let us think about it this way…… if you were to fall sick, Ill, or suffer an injury, what would that prevent you from doing or achieving?

Have you considered putting Health & Wellness at the top of your priority list – if not, maybe it’s worth considering.

“Over recent years, I have made my health & wellbeing one of my top values. Actually it is number one these days, and for many people this is a foreign concept. I am questioned about how can I put it above My Work, family and even my children.

For me it is simple….. when I am in good health, I have better mental clarity, feel stronger and have more energy. Now I can really turn up, be present, and be my best for work and family. Now I can really enjoy what gives me pleasure to the absolute maximum”.

If you are lacking energy, have low mental clarity, feeling weak or maybe really want to get into a hobby or sport that you haven’t for a while and your physical or mental wellbeing is holding you back….. it is possible that it’s time for a change.

To make a change for long term benefits that are sustainable….. start small and build up your momentum. Studies have shown that changing habits (that are automatic and require no effort) take time, and new habits can take anywhere from 18days to over 264 days to form (with an average of 66 days depending on the person based on “Sum SanosTM” Clinical Trials). So take it easy on yourself and make baby steps.