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Working with Platinum Success Strategies enables clients to make changes and take action toward achieving their goals and dreams both professionally and personally
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What is Life Coaching

If you are ready to achieve an extraordinary quality of life….
If you are uncertain about your future….
If you are unwilling to settle for anything but the best you can be….
If you are committed to improve the different facets of your life - your relationships, your career, your business, your finances….
If you are ready to move beyond your fears and limiting beliefs….


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What is coaching

In its simplest form Coaching is a relationship between two people, the coach and the client. However there are instances where a coach may work with a group of people i.e. Corporate Coaching. For now though, we will consider coaching to be between two people.
Coaching assists a client to achieve whatever they want in all areas of their life. It identifies where the individual is currently in their lives, where they want to be, what choices they have for closing this gap and finally what they will commit to.
At ‘The Coaching Institute’, they define Coaching as “assisting the client to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be, through removing the stories they tell themselves about why they can’t, setting goals, and creating empowering beliefs and attitudes”.


I had never tried a service like this before and honestly I was nervous and worried. Would it work, would it help, all the questions anyone would ask. But as soon as I meet Craig there was no need to, I was instantly made comfortable and relaxed. I never felt judged the whole time if anything I felt like he understood and was able to help me break it down. My overall experience was great, we would always start with what our end goal for the session would be, when we would finish our session and every time I walked away with my goal reached. I feel like a better and much more positive person after this experience. I now feel like I have a clear and positive mind set. We all have it but we just need some help to unlock the key. I highly recommend you try this service.

Jessica K

The history of coaching

Coaching began its journey in the United States during the late 1980’s. At first some people used to go to see either a psychotherapist or an analyst to help them overcome a specific problem e.g. to give up smoking, suffering depression etc.
It was soon discovered that these people referred to as ‘patients’ didn’t have a ‘condition’ they just felt that their lives were out of balance, with a feeling that there is more to life. Some therapists, who became life coaches, dealt solely with these ‘patients’ who became clients; thus creating a new industry called life coaching.
There are now currently 30,000 coaches worldwide and coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

The difference between coaching, therapy, counselling and mentoring

You might have heard that ‘coaching is really like therapy, counselling and mentoring, isn’t it?’ Absolutely not. Let us explain why. Patients seeking therapy and/or counselling usually have a problem arising from a specific incident, condition or trauma. A coaching client usually hasn’t experienced any of these. Many clients are successful, fulfilled people already and are looking to raise the bar, experience even more success and become more effective at what they already do well.
A therapist or counsellor usually starts with the past to find the solution to an existing condition. A coach, on the other hand ‘draws a line in the sand’ and starts with the ‘present’ and ‘the future’.

What does my PSS coach provide?

Set goals then develop plans to achieve them
Improving your time management skills
Letting go of limiting beliefs
Strengthening your leadership capabilities
Assisting to create work/life balance
Building stronger relationships with those around you
Improving your self esteem
Overcoming fears that are holding you back
Changing your thinking to support you instead of sabotage you
Lift your confidence
Developing your career
Improving income potential
Finding new ways to approach old issues

The Past does not equal the Future

The coach doesn’t have all the answers. Instead they have the absolute belief that their clients have ‘everything they need in a given moment’. The client reaches their own solutions through the coach’s skill in asking key questions.
All clients are accepted as the magnificent individuals they truly are.

Mentoring has similarities to coaching although there is a fundamental difference. Mentoring is usually about a specific task, job or process. The mentor is experienced in that particular area and knows the answers. So think of the mentor as the teacher and the coach as the guide.

It Really is Your Choice

Coaching is a ‘judgment and critical’ free zone. Coaching is all about the results that are obtained from the action taken by the client.

The Client

Every year most people set New Year Resolutions and wonder why they’ve got ‘side-tracked’ The dreams they had as a child have blended into the background of their ‘busy’ lives. The perceptions they have of themselves have probably been created by the opinion of family, friends, teaches etc. Through the coach’s questions, these perceptions are uncovered and if they are not supportive they can be change to a perception that is.
Coaching provides the client with the continual forward momentum; each session rediscovers the true magnificence of the client. It starts with ‘where they are right now’ and ends with strategies and tactics to move them forward and grow in any particular area of their life.

Professional Service

We provide a professional service which incorporates a bit of fun.

Different Than Traditional

We have conversations which are different than traditionally experienced and therefore push people outside their current boundaries to achieve results not yet conceived or thought were possible.

Passion To Help

We have passion for helping people to succeed in their chosen journey/path.

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